Where we are

Art for Cats’ Sake is based in New Orleans, but we have traveled across the country to raise awareness, further our cause and sell our amazing artwork and jewelry.

New Orleans, LA – American Association of Feline Practitioners
Internet Cat Video Festival

Boston, MA – American Association of Feline Practitioners

Seattle, WA – American Association of Feline Practitioners

San Antonio, TX – Southwest Veterinary Symposium

Indianapolis, IN – American Association of Feline Practitioners

Who we are

Patricia Allo – ACS Board Member, Board Secretary, contributing artist. Educator, counselor and administrator for over 40 years, and a lifelong cat owner and enthusiast.

Karen Miller Becnel, DVM – Art for Cats’ Sake, Inc. Founder, President and contributing artist. Dedicated to providing exemplary veterinary treatment to our feline friends for over 40 years.

Timothy Becnel – Co-founder and Secretary Treasurer of Art for Cats’ Sake, Inc and a major donor of time, money and energy to the Foundation. A chemical engineer with 40 years of service with DuPont and a recipient of the 2010 DuPont Engineering Excellence Award. A strong cat advocate with special skills in keeping old (and young) cats happy.

Jamie DiFatta – ACS Board Member, web coordinator. Feline veterinary nurse for 10 years, past recipient of the LVMA Support Person of the Year award, and lifelong animal lover, with a particular interest in animal behavior.

Vicki Thayer, DVM – ACS Board Member. Over 30 years as a veterinarian for cats, currently focusing her volunteer efforts through the Winn Feline Foundation, the only international charity to exclusively fund cat health studies that enrich cats’ lives every day. She lives in Oregon where she spends time with family while also enjoying photography, reading and crafts.