Welcome to our Hall of Fame.  Anyone making a donation of $50 or more is invited to share a picture of their cat and its story.

Tiger and Mickey Durapau – Tiger was one of the feral cats I fed after Katrina. When I caught her to bring to the Cat Hospital to have her checked, she tested positive for both FlV and feline leukemia. I didn’t want to put her back in the population. I ended up bringing her back to my apartment and keeping her isolated from Mickey. Her space was the patio, which had a large storage room attached. She seemed comfortable and happy there until Mickey died. Then her space was the entire apartment…My life really has been enriched by Mickey, Tiger, Abita, and all the cats who’ve been part of my sister’s and my life since we were children.

Mothra! was attacked by a dog when she was just three days old.  Dr. Miller Becnel had to repair her wounds with surgical glue because she was too tiny for anesthesia and sutures.  She survived the attack, but had ongoing special needs.  Despite her injury, she was a happy, playful and highly intelligent little girl.  The staff at The Cat Hospital of Metairie fell in love with her, and she lived out her three short, precious years with a devoted, loving family of veterinary staff at Cat Hospital.  We will always remember how she charmed everyone she met and how she taught us to play fetch

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